On crappy days like today, nothing hits the spot like some delicious tomato soup, paired with the easiest, cheesiest sammy of all time: the Grilled Cheese sandwich. Straight-up, I’m salivating just thinking about how good that sounds. So I put together a round up of the best places to get a grilled cheese in Portland, so that you can satisfy your craving for an all-American afternoon snack.

1.)  Samuel’s
Not only do they have some of the best wings in town, but their grilled cheese is totally bangin’ and you can get fries or onion rings with it for a very low price. With their beer specials added into the equation, you can’t go wrong.

2.)  Ruski’s
For real, everything that they create is magic (especially during Irish Flu season), so it’s no surprise that they’re able to produce such a fine grilled cheese sammich. Add a side of their legendary corned beef hash and you’ve got yourself a fine meal.

3.)  The Dogfish Café
An upscale take on the classic itself, they boldly declare that theirs is officially the World’s Best Grilled Cheese. If a four-cheese blend melted onto crispy asiago bread is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

4.)  Duckfat
Everybody knows they have the best French fries in the entire world. But their Panini menu is where they really shine. Their grilled cheese is cooked to perfection, and they have a large assortment of dipping sauces from which to choose. Be adventurous: get a cup of the Cream of Tomato Fennel soup to pair. Your taste buds will thank you profusely.