With this recent silly rain- snow weather, who wouldn’t want to step into a cozy tea shop and hide out all day? I know I’d jump at the chance if I could. Luckily for coffee and tea lovers of New Hampshire, there is a place where you can do just that, and more. Teatotaller, located at 109 Main St. in Somersworth, NH is celebrating one year of being open on Sunday, December 30th.

The café has a diverse menu of custom made loose leaf teas, coffees, and delicious pastries; not to mention their selection of paninis, crepes, and quiche, all of which have gluten free substitutes. Their celebration will start at 10:00 am and the festivities will continue throughout the day until 10:00pm, with live music and drink specials every hour. Don’t forget to wear the best Christmas sweater you own, because it will be judged!

Emmett Soldati, founder and principal owner of Teatotaller, talks about how far the Tea House has come since it’s opening: “Last year, when I returned to my hometown, my hope was to create a special space for residents to mingle, to relax, and to be tantalized by our creative kitchen. It’s been an incredible journey opening and running the Tea House. We are so appreciative of the support of Somersworth and surrounding communities for making our first year such a success.”

So what can you New Hampshire-ites expect to see in their next year? “We’ve definitely enhanced our image as a Gluten-Free destination, and we’d like to build on that,” says Coty Donohue, Teatotaller Manager. Being Gluten Free myself, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s difficult to grab a quick sandwich or snack on the go, so this is huge news for fellow allergy conscious patrons, and I can’t wait to grab a GF cream cheese and cucumber wich to accompany my tea.

Founder Emmett Soldati said, “We’re into our twelfth month now and I’ve been here for almost 365 days. Virtually every day I’ve seen a new face, met a new resident or traveler, and I never get tired of telling the story of our TeaHouse and how it’s part of a larger picture to transform Somersworth. I look forward to welcoming those people back again and again, as well as seeing the new faces of 2013.”

There you have it! Step away from the stress of the Holidays and take a day to relax in a comfy tea house before the In-Laws arrive. Or if you just want a quick bite in between some last minute shopping feats, and want to high five the owners on their 1 year anniversary, you know where to go.