The creators of Maine made Damantionland, Strongpaw Productions, announced it's first place win in a video competition for Hasbro, the multinational toy company.

The video will be featured on Hasbro's Youtube page to promote it's line of "Littlest Pet Shop" toys. "Littlest Pet Shop" is a line of collectible pets aimed at girls, age 7-9, with more than 325 million pets sold globally and is currently the #1 mini doll brand. The video was co-produced by Allen Baldwin and David Meiklejohn and features local actor Daniel Noel, and the vocals of local actress Tavia Gilbert.

Strongpaw Productions is a video production company located in Portland, Maine and dedicated to creating engaging, exciting, and entertaining video content for websites.

Allen Baldwin ("Up Up Down Down") and David Meiklejohn ("My Heart is an Idiot") have been working on these competitions for quite some time with great results. Using mostly Maine actors, it is beginning to shine a light on local talents nationwide.

This is a great excuse for filmmakers to get behind the camera, earn some great money, and gain exposure at the same time. Congratulations Strongpaw, keep the creativity and top notch productions coming!