Southern Maine Pride is always one of the hottest parties of the year. GLBTQ people from all over flock here to celebrate our right to be fabulous all weekend long, with lots of special guest performers. The people behind the scenes start working on their plans months in advance. A lot goes into turning it Portland into the most accepting and welcoming party. As a drag performer, lemme break down how this works from the perspective of a queen  who has worked it before, as I’ll be doing it again this year!


6:45am | Wake up. Shower and shave entire body. Do pore regiment on face to prepare it for makeup.


7:45am | Leave house on foot, stopping at Cumby’s for a cup of coffee and a pack of smokes.


8:00am | Arrive at Styxx Nightclub, make a cocktail. Begin to build the float as more people filter in to help.


9:30am | Begin to put on makeup.  Pride makeup has to be much louder than I normally do and day drag is much different than night drag, so I’ve allotted myself an hour and a half to make sure it’s perfect. Get dressed immediately after. Have a shot with everybody that helped build the float.


11:00am | Drive the float over to our spot in the back of the line, on the corner where Asylum and the Civic Center meet. Wait for what seems like hours.


11:30am | Parade starts moving. DJ Chris O beings playing music, and we cruise slowly up Congress Street and down High Street,  as thousands of people cheer us on.


12:00pm | Arrive at Deering Oaks Park, make the rounds and see many friends and fans. Get a snack at one of the vendors and enjoy the show.


1:30pm | Get back on the float with those of us that work at Styxx and head there to begin preparation for the afternoon/evening to come. Once we get there, wash off my makeup and nap on the couch for 45 minutes or so to recharge my energy.


4:00pm | Decorations are in place and alcohol/beer is fully stocked. Begin to put makeup back on.


5:30pm | Join the party, this time in nighttime drag. Have some barbecue food at the outdoor party then head inside to prepare Jell-O and test tube shots.


6:00pm | People have really started to fill Styxx. Walk around, selling shots and keeping the guests entertained. Continue to do this for the next few hours, periodically taking a break for my heels. If prompted, perform a number or two in the front dance room to keep people excited.


12:45am | Pack up shots in kitchen, cover up the liquor and lock up the beer coolers per Maine State Law, get out of drag.


1:00am | Since we’re open until 3am, spend the next two hours cleaning up any broke glass or messes in general, keeping an eye on the club to make sure no one still has a cocktail that they’re hiding. Maybe get my dance on, if there’s a spare moment.


3:00am | Turn on the ugly lights and clear out the bar. Take the covers off the liquor and restock the beer, clean the floors and drink surface. Organize tips and tip out bar backs.


4:30am | Head to Becky’s or Denny’s or some other greasy spoon in town and get a burger and fries to wolf down.


5:30am | Walk my tired, broken ass back up to the West End. Hop in the shower.


6:00am | Check my Facebook and Twitter and finally pass the hell out.


1:00pm | …brunch, duh.