Our LPTVBA-02 Encoder has been designed specifically for the Low Power TV broadcaster so they can optimize the ATSC bandwidth of 19.4 Mbit’s with up to 8 Programs in MPEG 2.



The encoder uses ATSC tables and has an ASI multiplexed output so it can easily connect to the 8VSB LPTV Transmitter. The chassis features dual Power supplies for redundancy and is modular in design. The chassis has four RJ-45 Ethernet ports with two for management and two for content if needed. We have one dual input SDI encoder module with an encode rate from 1 to 18 Mibt’s in MPEG 2 or H.264, up to 3 additional SDI modules can be added. An onboard EAS module supports Digital EAS Triggering via the SCTE-18 protocol or by a standard contact closure. The ASI module has 5 ASI ports (BNC) with two for Output and three for input if needed. This all in a 1 RU (1.75”) chassis. Prices start at $3,950 for 2 Card Configuration.





1 RU Chassis

  • 2 SDI Inputs
  • 2 ASI Outputs
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • ATSC Tables
  • SD or HD content
  • Separate control of each SDI input
  • Specifically configured for LPTV stations
  • MPEG2 or H.264
  • 2 Audio pairs per SDI
  • RJ45 jacks for remote control or IP output
  • 1 to 18 Mbit’s encode rate
  • EAS enabled
  • 3 Open Card Slots


Dual SDI Encoder Module Model OHE6-SDI-01



One additional SDI module (2 channel input per card) is needed to increase channels up to 8 (3 additional cards maximum)

For the full technical specifications sheet, click here

For more information contact The LPTV Broadcasters Association: 866-759-8750