Peace is not transitory, it can be permanent, solid, and hard to destroy.

Sculpting Peace Trailer from Image Gazer Film Festival on Vimeo.

SCULPTING PEACE is a documentary film about the life and work of world renown sculptor and peace activist, Mimi Sammis. Her sculpture embraces a form peace, the inherent goodness and readiness of love and acceptance in humankind. Mimi’s art makes us all wish for the continuation of the U.N’s mission of peace in every nook and cranny of this world. The film follows her journey over the last three decades of finding inner peace and eventually enlightenment that all is one through her art. Through this film she wishes to inspire peace and jubilation for everyone as they find there own path through the creative process. For Mimi It all starts with desire to do something and you can create and do anything you want.

SCULPTING PEACE has been years in the making, everything Mimi has done has been filmed and documented wether it be peace rallies or sculpture installations showing her impact where ever she went. This has been adding up to many hours of archival footage to go through and piece together. Our goal is to show and inspire a beautiful visual representation of her life's work and who she has become.
During this time we have dedicated ourselves to getting this film out in the world by any means necessary. On this ever eventful journey, we have been joined by some truly committed and amazing people who share our vision to tell this inspiring story of Peace. We have got this far with the help of generous donations from individuals, grants and awards, and most recently Editing support from PBS. We have now completed the filming and are working towards the completion of a Final Cut to be aired on PBS this February 2012.
The filmmaking team is award-winning Maine filmmaker Dylan Howard and Mimi Sammis, as well as PBS Producers & Editors and many film crews over the years doing short stories on Mimi throughout her arts career.

Some Thoughts About Peace
Peace in the world IS possible. The great irony, however, is that neither governments nor nations can make peace, although they spend much time talking about it and posturing about it. They can only limit violence within "acceptable" social standards, because peace is a state of consciousness—not of politics.

Peace already exists in Nature and It underlies all manifestation. There is nothing we can do to create peace, but there is much we can do to avail ourselves of it.

Peace is an inner state that can only be reflected outwardly. Therefore, true peace in the world is the collective inner peace of individuals—not the so-called "political peace" of nations. Because peace is secreted within each of us, the degree to which each person responds to his or her own inner peace enhances the peacefulness of the world. Our common, global bond is that, regardless of creed, color, sex, religion, social status, or national heritage, we all face the same inner search for peace and the same inner obstacles to finding it and recognizing it when found.

Mimi Sammis believes that art depicting love and joy has a positive effect on its viewers, and her work is full of joy, creativity and the appreciation of nature. Her artwork brings peace to those who view it, and this brings Mimi closer to accomplishing her goal of inspiring peace in the world.

The Story So Far

Mimi Sammis began painting landscapes in watercolor. Eventually she discovered joy in creating bronze sculptures. Her sculpture pieces range in size from one to twenty-two feet and are exhibited throughout the world. Some of her exhibitions include the United Nations, The Hague, the Arles Museum and the American Embassy in Paris. She has work in many private residences around the world. She especially enjoys creating personal pieces such as those commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury to honor Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee.

Sammis supports the global work for peace with her artwork, One Thousand Years of Peace is one of Mimi’s best known accomplishments. This exhibition of 30 bronze sculptures was first shown at the United Nations in 1999 and 2001, and latter at The Hague, Netherlands.

In the words of Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor of the United Nations’ University of Peace: “Mimi Sammis’s work celebrates the miracle of life and the great age-old concepts of love, peace, forgiveness, hope and vision which helps humanity on its mysterious journey in the universe.”

Sammis’s work can be seen locally as well as globally. Her Dance of Peace rests adjacent to the Narragansett Town Beach. Other works can be seen at The Children’s Museum, Women's and Infants Hospital and at the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery to honor women veterans. Recently Queen Elizabeth unveiled Sammis’s sculpture, He Has The Whole World in His Hands, a piece commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury to honor the queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Using a lost wax process, Sammis creates sculptures ranging in size from a foot to a towering 22 feet. The figures, which seem to personify elation and joy, are full of movement.
"I love the tension of the process, to create movement in bronze. When people view the art, they can realize that peace is an option. That peace is not transitory, but it can be permanent, solid, and hard to destroy,"
~Mimi Sammis

The Production

The Director Dylan Howard has know Mimi since he was 5 and was taught anything was possible with the right attitude. Dylan always wanted to make a film about Mimi since he first dreamed of being a filmmaker. The chance came when on March 11, 2010 one of Mimi's sculptures was stollen from a arts installation in Tiverton Rhode Island. As devastating as it was she did not let it bring her down, she instead made a new sculptor from the broken shards of the old one. In doing this she shown a transformation of forgiveness, peace, and rebirth. Dylan was there to film the unveiling of her new sculpture to the public. Wile the event took place the thief came up to Mimi and made a surprise apology and said he was drug free and sorry to have created such a negative event. After filming that intense day Dylan wanted to continue the project to a full documentary on her life and mission that she embodies in her sculpture. In making this film its a dream come true for Dylan and a huge step forward in his young filmmaking career. He is currently attending school at the New York Film Academy and hopes to make films based of his deepest dreams. Dylan knowing Mimi so well is the best person for this job of telling her story beautifully to the world spreading peace. For 6 months Dylan has followed Mimi, taking him on a historical tour of her past shows and events from the United Nations and onward. Throughout the journey Mimi shares insights to her creative process and her desire for peace.

Making this film is taking a hung process of going through hours of recorded footage over the course of three decade of Mimi's life from the very first sculpture she made. We are lucky to work with such a wealth of history archived in film and video. PBS has been working with Mimi for some time giving her a TV show “Painting With Mimi” sharing lots of quality footage to work with as well as footage taken by Dylan recently. We are very excited to piece all this together into an inspiring story. We hope this film compliments her art and her mission of peace. I hope you enjoyed the film trailer above.

The Impact
This Documentary speaks her message of peace through the very essence of who she is through her art. She awakens the creativity of other by showing people the inner power to create. This film will share how art connects people to who they are. Mimi believes that peace does begin in each one of our hearts, and we will have 1000 years of peace. This Film can be used to spark creativity to all that see it. It is an inspiring story that leaves you wanting to create and to make a difference in our world for peace. Above all it is a story about creating with positive intention and that you don't need talent to do what you feel and love, all you need is the desire to do it.

This is a story that needs to be told and people need inspiration more than ever. Humanity is going through such a transition and peace is what we all are working toward in each of us. Like Mimi's sculptures this film can embody that same power of love, peace, forgiveness, hope and vision.
Please join and support our project and become part of this movement of inspiration and peace.

How Your Contribution Will Help

Our target amount of $8500 has been carefully planned, and will be used in various ways:

- We’ll need hard drives to store and archive many hours of footage, three decades worth of art, and peace activism throughout Mimi's life.

- Equipment Rentals

- Money for marketing materials.

- Permit Costs & Music Licensing

- FESTIVALS (entry fees, marketing tools, DVD's, etc)

- Video logging, capturing and transferring fees from all different formats into one digital format to edit with.
- Conversion fees for the final cut of the film

Please give what you can, and ask your friends and relatives to give what they can. Every Amount helps and please enjoy the benefits of charity :)

For your donation, you get our eternal gratitude; a truly inspiring film that will empower us all to make a difference; the lasting knowledge that you enabled SCULPTING PEACE to be birthed into the world; your name on the Donor Wall; and some truly awesome SCULPTING PEACE incentives which have been listed.

Why Donate

We want this story to been seen and shared with many people, and grassroots organizations connected to peace, giving rise to a new wave of positive creative consciousness. With our most recent update we have secured a green light from PBS Rhode Island to air this film in February. We want to set our goal higher in spreading this story throughout the country on National PBS. This is very possible with enough support. Lets kick off this new age of aquarius with peace, love, forgiveness, and share this women's life work and mission of peace to all of humankind. After so much dedication to peace, this film is a celebration and inspiration to many people that seek the desire to create peace within themselves and to the world through creativity. When people view the film, they can realize that peace is an option. That peace is not transitory, but it can be permanent, solid, and hard to destroy.

Why “Sculpting Peace” Will Be Made

SCULPTING PEACE has a firm commitment from PBS intending to broadcast the film in February 2012, where it will reach many people in diverse communities as well as through film festivals devoted to peace activism. We have strong interest from international film festivals, keen to program the film on its completion. But we need your involvement and help to complete the film and send it out to as many events and people as possible. Contribute and have the pleasure of seeing your name in the credits and know that you helped make this film possible.