Three local short films premiering on December 8th, 2011 at 7PM at Nickelodeon. The cost $7 dollars, & the event is called Portland Independent Shorts.

Time & Redemption Directed by: Sean Martin

Colt Andrews is the jerk amongst his class, and his ego won't let him stop his path of destruction. When Colt spots Lloyd Mitchell working on a mysterious device, he becomes curious. Colt tricks Lloyd into telling him what is, and furthermore convinces Lloyd to let Colt use it. Although the mysterious device is not quite complete, and brings Colt into a very bad situation

The Call
Directed by: Steven Conecelli

A young man, named Derek, keeps receiving phone calls from his last girlfriend, Emily, asking for him back. Derek struggles to move on with his life. Getting help from his friend and trying to date someone else. But can he truly let go of his past relationship?

Speak to Me
Directed by: Tadin Brown

Simon is a mute. And to properly comprehend his ploy and better deal with his inability to speak, he creates in his mind a series of imaginary characters. These characters encompass his every fear, desire, and ambition and represent all that is wrong with his life. Some of these things he can change, and some of them he can't.