Hey Guys,

The Maine Mall gave us a heads up on an opportunity for local musicians. Just thought we'd pass along the message. Here are the details:

Why perform at the mall?

- We see an average of 20,000 people each week, double that during holiday season. If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to get your sound and your albums out, this is a great option.
- We’ve become more involved with the community as each year passes. Many of these events will involve at least one well known nonprofit who will either be raising funds or awareness for their programs. With prior notice, we may even be able to find a way to double your performance as a fundraiser for a community organization or cause that YOU care about.
- There will be clear signage around the mall with your name/logo listed leading up to the performance
- It’s really fun, and if you enjoy performing here we can work to secure future dates down the road as well.
At this time, there are paid performances through September and one in October.

If interested in performing, contact Stephanie Millette at Stefanie.Millette@ggp.com