As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a pretty huge fan of Pentatonix. Those who don’t know who they are, I interviewed vocalist Mitch Grassi a few weeks ago. Here’s a link to that article. I gotta say, I was kind of a giddy little school girl leading up to the show. I was pacing in my best friend’s kitchen while she finished her glass of wine, saying “we really need to get there!” I wanted nothing to do with waiting. And once we arrived, her excitement level reached mine. Something about five people creating a cohesive sound that fills the State Theater without the assistance of instruments just does it for me.

They had such a brilliant live show. There were many other vocal nerds in there besides Susanne and me, so it worked out really well when PTX would do some audience participation. It sounded like a choir in there, I kid you not. I will admit that I was rather surprised with how little Kirsty did on lead stuff, considering she’s the only female voice in the group. It was amazing to get to see Ari and Kevin show off their talents, as we’re all very familiar with Scott and Mitch already from the show. Speaking of Mitch, I gotta give snaps for Ms. Thang for showing us some more of his personality! On the show, one might not have picked up on the fact that Mitch is gay, but let me tell you, he’s got an inner diva that came out live on stage, and I was absolutely stoked. Werk gwirl.

I want to go see them every night of the week. I want one ounce of their talent so that I can one day follow in their footsteps. But alas, I’m prob’ly gonna stay here at my desk and just dream for a while longer… (sigh).

Here’s a few more shots from the show. (Don’t judge me; I’m a terrible photographer).