Today is a good day. It’s Friday, the air is warm, and as I type this I am inhaling a breakfast sandwich from Marcy’s. My all-time favorite breakfast place had closed it’s doors for a few months, leaving all of us hungry and out in the cold.

IMG_2088It’s been well worth the wait, though, because the renovations look incredible. They’ve gone and spiffed up the already classic diner look they already had. Everything looks fresh and new, even if it wasn’t completely replaced.

And holy crap the food is still out of this world. Dare I declare, it’s even better than before?

Yup. I dare declare.

They’ve added several new items to the already fantastic menu. Some notable additions include: The Goober Burger (peanut butter and bacon), the Hippy French Toast (topped with granola and Greek yogurt), and the Panwich (a breakfast sandwich with two silver dollar pancakes as the bun). I won’t sleep in until I’ve tried all of these new additions.

The best part of my trip to Marcy’s today was how happy the staff seemed to be in there doing their job.

IMG_2098“Everybody in Portland is happier now that Marcy’s is back!” said Darla from behind the grill. Ain’t it the truth?

Viva La Marcy’s Diner. Now excuse me, I’ve got hash browns of which to make short work.