Hey girl, hey.

In the past couple days Lady Lamb The Beekeeper has been making quite the buzz on the internet. She got a feature on Perez Hilton's website last night and a spot on Rolling Stone earlier today. Her cover of Bob Dylan's song All I Really Want To Do has taken quite the liking for mainstream media. What makes this even cooler? This track features local lovelies Jeff Beam on the autoharp/backing vocals and The Milkman's Union filling out her sound.

She's coming off of a sold out gig with Astronaultalis at SPACE Gallery, a CMJ show at Pianos in NYC, and a nomination for artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards.

Alright, so give us a new record. Please. Please? No seriously, the entire indie community nationwide is literally begging for more. Damn girl, killin' it.

Video by the always impressive shervin lainez.