On a raw and seemingly endless Friday afternoon, I found myself racking my brain; I am SO hungry, where am I going to eat? I don’t want soup, I don’t want a sandwich, I’m sick of all that. Then it dawned on me; I hadn’t yet been to Taco Escobarr in Portland and I really could go for some Mexican. Taco Escobarr is a little Mexican joint nestled on Congress Street and believe you me, boasts some of the best tacos I’ve had in a while!

Since I am a sucker for wings, and had no idea a Mexican joint would offer them, they obviously were the first thing I shouted at our attending server. Their wings aren’t just normal wings however, these were Mango Habanero Wings, and although I ordered 6, the guys threw on an extra few; probably because they knew I would eat them all, guilt-free. And, I did. Also, I can never order just one thing off a menu; let’s get real. I had to have a taco, so I decided on the Guajillo-Pineapple Chicken soft taco; a mouthful I know, literally. You have 3 salsa choices: Red (Mild), Green (Hot), and Habanero (Stupid), I got hot, my lunch companion got Stupid, and I wished I had too, the hot wasn’t so hot. I like it really hot. I polished off my wings and taco with a strawberry margarita on the rocks with salt. Perfect bev for a dragging Friday afternoon if I do say so myself. What I would take away from this fresh experience is that you definitely need to try a taco, second, get the Stupid Hot sauce if you enjoy hot hot, and third, get the wings!