I recently sat down with Scott Ruffner from TVP Records and picked his brain about his new CD “Groove: Lounge” and his upcoming FASHIONation event. I have known Scott for a few years, collaborating with him on music and fashion shows, and even modeling in a few series. FASHIONation compiles homegrown music and local fashions with local artists and will be debuting at the Gaslight in Portsmouth, NH at 8pm on Thursday, November 15th. Who knew that the New England Seacoast was fashion forward and had dope music to back it up? Here is what Scott had to say:

How did FASHIONation come about?
We needed a good idea for a CD Release party when we finished the “FLUSH” project a few years ago. The concept of fashion and music was an instant local hit in New Hampshire, so we ran with it and “Flush: Funk & Fashion” was born. People continued to ask about it, so after a meeting with the Gaslight in Portsmouth, we decided to make “FASHIONation” a biannual event that would kick off the summer and holiday seasons with events in May and November of each year.

Tell me about Groove:Lounge, what is it?
It's a music compilation series, soul, hip-hop, dance and pop music, a collective of musicians and artists, and ultimately a larger scale regional playlist and online radio station. It’s a concept we came up with to raise awareness amongst the mainstream music audience in the area that there are bands, artists and producers right here in some of the more “contemporary” (for lack of a better term) genres. There are dozens of acts in the Northeast right now worthy of that precious iTunes download. If you don’t believe me, give “Groove : Lounge / Volume 1” a listen.

What can we expect for your upcoming event on Thursday?
I think we have 7 or 8 different local boutiques involved in the fashion show, so you’ll definitely get a look at the freshest styles for this winter. We’re also very excited about featuring the original work of local graphic artist Sam Farrand. His amazing images will be displayed on the screens in the nightclub throughout the night and will be a show on their own. Musically, we’re stripping things way down. It’s going to be beat driven, with some live guitar and percussion peppered in, as well as some vocal performances from Rayel, Ape & Undu. We also really want people to realize that the music we’ll be spinning all night is homegrown, even though it may not sound like it!

How can other local businesses get involved in future events?
They can contact us direct at info@tvprecords.com or find us on Facebook. We’d really like to find some regional designers making their own original lines, because that is really what this is all about. We want people to embrace the talent that is here, and to understand that quality art and entertainment doesn’t have to be an import!

What is your favorite part of this event, models? Music? Community?
All of the above. I really like that it’s an honest reflection of what’s going on here. It features the actual clothing styles that locals will be wearing, not $2,000 gowns that no one in the audience can afford. The music is also produced right here, you won’t be hearing the latest Rhianna hit—unless we remixed it! Even the original promotional artwork for the event is homegrown and incorporates a fresh take on Portsmouth’s iconic North Church, which was a conscious decision.

Anything else?
Yes… please check out the new CD. It can be purchased online through CD Baby or iTunes and is available for sale locally at The Water Monkey in Portsmouth. We hope to have it for sale in Portland very soon.

We love it! Join us tomorrow night, Thursday November 15th at 8pm at the Gaslight. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door and beforehand at the Gaslight for $10.