Designer clothing company Elykssor, who recently moved their facilities from NYC to Maine, just released a super-limited edition hoodie celebrating talented Maine musicians who've managed to break out of the state and get heard.

On the sleeve of each hoodie are the autographs of Maine natives Dave Gutter (Rustic Overtones, Paranoid Social Club), Spose, and Will Mallett (The Mallett Brothers Band). Only 50 hoodies were printed, which means they will go pretty quickly. As of writing this, there are still some available.

Visit the Elykssor shop to get your hoodie before they sell out!

Elykssor does a lot of interesting short-run hoodies, thermals, hats, which is cool because it introduces exclusivity to their products and designs. They seem to be doing well, having launched two new websites (site and shop) and a web series on their YouTube channel in the past year.

They even caught up with Spose recently, and you can watch that fun interview below...