Waxing poetic with Maine’s favorite bad boy

Dave Gutter, front man for Rustic Overtones and Paranoid Social Club, is best known for his party anthems (“We All Got Wasted”) and macho songs about sex (“Two Girls”), but he also has a tender, romantic side... Well, sort of.

In addition to his double music schedule, and a new acting gig in “Sex, Drugs & Blueberries,” the independent film by Crash Barry, Gutter has been working on some love songs. He was hired by Viacom/Rumble publishing to record an album of duets with R&B singer Tonette Shepherd. He talked about one of the songs, “Strangers,” off the forthcoming album. Gutter is a butcher’s boy, so the love song is as much a cut-up as a coming together.

“This is a song that I wrote with Imogen Heap in London in 2007,” Gutter said. “We never recorded it, though it has been through many different incarnations over the years, including a Rustic Overtones/Anna Lombard collaboration that was released on the Greetings from Area Code 207 compilation.

“The song is about finding comfort in a stranger, someone who knows nothing of your flaws or idiosyncrasies, the freedom of the unknown. It was conceived in London and recorded in Venice Beach; and I attribute the tone and sentiment of this song to me being in an unfamiliar environment.”

Gutter elaborated on the song’s qualities.

“It’s a desperate, longing song that is both intimate and impersonal at the same time. I have always really loved the haunting melody over the Carole King-esque chord changes too. It’s the first song on the Armies duet album (with Tonette Shepard) because I think it sounds like the beginning of a story.”