Last night I went on a Saturday night expedition to see Grand Hotel play in Biddeford. Champions Sports Bar is hidden off the main drag behind a car wash. What was I in store for? What a cool find! Well not a new find as it is an institution in Biddeford known for its free pool tables and a friendly staff who make you feel right at home.

I have heard my share of complaints that there is nowhere for Maine bands to play outside of Portland on a regular basis or on a circuit. I am on a quest to find viable venues throughout the State.

Champions just purchased a new sound board and has a sound person who really cares! It is hardly the best room for great sound but I must say, I was quite impressed.

The owner, Mark, is dedicated to bringing in great live music. Mark is on a mission to create a destination for the best Maine bands to play in the Biddeford area. Yes, it will take some time to develop the scene, but Pat is willing to give it a go! That means bands must be willing to work with Champions to build a local following. If you as an artist are willing to locally market yourself, then Mark is the right promoter to build that relationship! It is about working together to develop a win/win scenario!

Thank you Champions and Pat for offering an opportunity to showcase the incredible talent that Maine has to offer! And thanks for a great Saturday night! Grand Hotel rocked the house with solid sound and your staff couldn't have been finer.

Champions Sports Bar
15 Thorton Street
Biddeford, ME 04005