The Winter Olympics are always a sight to behold. The athleticism, the passion, the white trash-fueled kneecap clubbings of all-American sweethearts. “Eeh-why?! Eeh-why?!” Ahh, memories. Whether it’s Shaun White defying the laws of gravity (and styling mousse), Johnny Weir fiercing the house down or those speed skaters and their (ahem) uniforms, the Olympics never cease to amaze the masses.

Problem is, where the hell are you gonna watch the action? Sure, you’ve got a flat screen and a couple of beers, but there are events happening at the same time. How are you supposed to keep up on absolutely everything the entire span of the Winter Games?! I’ve already called out of work for those two weeks!

Okay, that’s dramatic, but never underestimate the power of microbrews, multiple sporting events at once, and my favorite thing in the entire world: buffalo wings. Here are the best places to Sochi your ass off this Olympic season.


TV SET BY: Daily Invention SNOWBOARDER ON TV BY: Camp of Champions;  All listed works have been modified & are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 | Pics available on

TV SET BY: Daily Invention
SNOWBOARDER ON TV BY: Camp of Champions;
All listed works have been modified & are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 | Pics available on

Hero’s Sports Grill

41 Washington St, Bangor, ME

Aside from the fact that they have free popcorn, Hero’s delivers on the fun front. In from the Midwest and know your favorite team is teetering on making it into the championship round tonight? Don’t worry! They’ve got every friggin’ channel imaginable and won’t mind making sure your jersey matches the ones on screen. The steak and cheese is the best in the area, and know that while it may be hard to get a seat immediately on a Friday or Saturday night, you can just put your name up at the host station and go get yourself a drink at the bar while you wait; I’ve heard legend of The Trash Can... one can only venture a guess... (207) 974 3033

+ | (207) 974-3033


Gridiron Restaurant & Sports Pub

1567 Lisbon St, Lewiston, ME

“The big taste in Lewiston” proves to have a lot to offer sports fans of all creeds. TVs are wall-to-wall, displaying any kind of athletic event your heart desires. The portions are enormous, and at a really decent price. With fair warning, you can pull off a pretty sweet party for you and all of your friends to sit, relax, enjoy some awesome food and view some sweet action on all four walls. Not to mention the small but accommodating arcade that has pinball and one of those killer candy machines. I can still hear the corny music it plays while you’re moving the crane around... (207)777-6353



10 Cotton St, Portland, ME

If there’s a big game on, you can bet that Rivalries has it playing on enough screens to keep from straining your ever-so-precious neck muscles. Nightly specials are a huge plus, and they have a pretty solid beer selection for those who care to imbibe. They even have an outdoor patio with a TV, so you can puff a tough-guy in between beers and not miss a minute of the action. The biggest draw, though, is their wings. It is this writer’s personal opinion that Rivalries has the best buffalo wings in Portland, and they’re even more famous for their sweet chili sauce. Throw in some Big Buck Hunter Safari (try and beat my high score - I double dare you) and we’re in business. Giddy up. (207) 774-6044


Thirsty Moose Tap House

21 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH

With two 12-foot projections screens, 18 flat screen TVs, and a whole lotta beer, what more could you want? How about live music as well? You got it. Make sure that while you’re checking out the thrills and abundantly Russian chills of Sochi 2014, you also plan around seeing local reggae favorites Hot Like Fire. I mentioned the beer right? Let me reiterate: Thirsty Moose boasts one of the largest tap lines I have ever seen. At any given time, brew bros can choose from 116 (!!!) different beers to wet their whistle. Hell yes, I’ll drink to that, brahh.

+ | (603) 427-8645