After a solid week of voting, we have finally closed our polls for the Best Album of 2011, voted by our readers. Below are the results!

5. Party Like A Lobster by The Sophomore Beat

Though they split up earlier in the summer, fans still got down with the Beat's lobster dinner. This is evidenced by their #5 spot in our reader poll.

4. Losing Touch by Pinsky

Coming in at #4 is Pinsky's Losing Touch. This fantastic pop punk album not only moved our readers to vote, but has got most of us in the office singing along, as well.

3. Happy Medium by Spose

Taking the #3 slot is Spose with the album Happy Medium. This one is filled with goodies like "Pop Song," which will have a top-notch video released in the early part of this year.

2. Hope Something Cool Happens by Cam Groves

It's a good thing that Cam Groves was hoping something cool would happen, because it surely did. He comes in at #2 in our readers' poll.

1. The Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With by Sparks The Rescue

And the #1 spot goes to Sparks The Rescue. Backed by their fabulously dedicated fans, The Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With is by readers' choice, the best album of 2011!

Thanks for taking part in our poll, and for keeping the Maine/NH music industry alive. Here's to what lies ahead in 2012!