Dear Poptart,

My boyfriend is a bartender and he says he has to work on New Year's Eve. I know he makes a ton of money on busy days, and I know it's stupid but...I'm kind of jealous. I want him to spend New Year's Eve with me! All my friends will be with their boyfriends, and he'll be working so it's not like I can go to his bar and hang out with him. I wish he would take the night off, but I don't know if it's fair to ask him that (and I don't want him to know I'm jealous of all the ladies who will be at the bar!) What should I do?

- Odd Girl Out

Dear "Odd Girl Out,"

You don't know if it's fair to ask him to take the busiest bar night of the year off so he can stumble around from crowded bar to crowded bar with you and your drunk girlfriends, drinking flirtinis, and cheersing to 2013? Here's what you should do: stop being annoying. The fact that you even brought up that all your friends will be with their boyfriends as a sort of "selling point" makes me kind of sick. Give the guy a break. Let him make some money. If watching the ball drop makes or breaks your relationship, I'd say you've got more trouble than his work schedule.  Yikes.