Dear Poptart,

So my boyfriend and I are on the fritz. I know it. He knows it. Only difference is, he doesn't want things to end. I do. I desperately don't want to be with him anymore. Problem is, we live together, which whatever, I have no issue leaving and staying with friends 'til I figure it out but he did something really sneaky the other day; he came home with three adorable kittens. Said his friend's neighbor had a litter and some of these cats had nowhere to go. He knows I'm obsessed with cats and now I've become super attached to them. I don't want to leave these kittens but I doubt he'll be thrilled with my decision to leave and most likely won't give me the cats if I do. What should I do?


Cat Lover

Dear Cat Lover (cringe),

What the hell is wrong with you? You hate your boyfriend but you're considering sticking it out with this manipulative jackass because he got you some stray kittens as a relationship bribe? I'm shocked you even have a boyfriend, to be honest. Here's my advice: leave. Ask him about the cats. If he says no, well isn't that shit luck but c'mon lady, you can't possibly stay with someone over that. Cats are creepy. And let's pretend for a second they aren't, you don't like your boyfriend. End of story. Break up and get yourself a kitten.



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