Dear Pop-Tart,

I’m beginning to feel like my boyfriend doesn’t listen to me much. The other night we decided to go on an early Valentine’s Day date and he took me to The Grill Room… I’ve recently turned towards an all-vegan diet. I literally ate a pizza that had nothing on it (sigh). How do I get him to pay more attention?
Hungry for More

My dear, sweet Hungry,

It sounds like you have quite the predicament on your hands: Your veganism is getting in the way of you having a happy relationship! All joking aside, you need to demand the attention you deserve. Not negative attention, but the kind that keeps him interested. Are you doing things that would stimulate conversation, or are things pretty one-sided between the two of you? Love is a two-way street. But it’s not only your responsibility to get him to listen to and value your opinion. He needs to step up and take the initiative.

You have to understand that a lot of guys don’t tend to see details in the fabric, but rather they see the end result ahead. Thought process:

“Valentine’s Day >> dinner >> somewhere fancy >> (asks friends) >> Grill Room >> good idea, that’s fancy >> major brownie points.”

Bam, success. The step he may have missed is actually looking at the menu to see what dietary restrictions you have recently adopted into your lifestyle. Can you blame him for not cracking the books open and learning about absolutely every detail of an all-vegan diet the second you told him you were heading down that road? Perhaps he could’ve asked first, but hell, even a pizza with nothing on it must’ve tasted like gold if it was from the Grill Room.

My advice is you should be more deliberate with your wants and needs when it comes to your man. He will strike out far less if you’re clear and concise, as opposed to expecting him to be a mind-reader. You’ll be happier, and won’t feel nearly as hungry.


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