Step out of your culinary comfort zone and take in some authentic Haitian cuisine at the Museum of African Culture on Friday, January 25, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Chief Oscar Mokeme, director of the museum, is hosting what he calls a “participatory edible exhibition of Haitian feasts, with up to 12 chefs preparing Haitian food “exhibited the traditional way they do it in shrines,” he said.

Enjoy a variety of dishes while watching a film on the embattled country. There will be a discussion on current affairs in Haiti after the meal and movie.

A related exhibit called “The Incarnation of Earthly Creations” is on display at the museum until Wednesday, January 30. This exhibit features metal and beaded works, sculptures, traditional Voodoo art, and paintings from Haitian artists.

Both events are part of a commemoration of the two-year anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake that rocked the Caribbean country.

The edible exhibit will be held at the African Museum of Culture, 13 Brown Street in Portland. It costs $50, and is limited to 12 people. Call the Museum of African Culture at 871-7188 or register online at and follow the “Support” link.


Photo via Flickr/Michael W. Way